Zombie Hunter Sniper

Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod v3.0.76 (Unlimited Money)

Android Android 5.0 and upAction
4.4 ( 712 ratings )
Price: $0
App Name Zombie Hunter Sniper
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Version 3.0.76 Build 140
OS Required 5.0 and up
Genre Action
Size 70.85 MB
Release Date Dec 03, 2023
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Mod Version 3.0.76 Build 140
Zombie Hunter Sniper is the most famous version in the Zombie Hunter Sniper series of publisher Viva Games Studios
Download (70.85 MB)

  • Unlimited Money Unlocked
[Note: Money and Gold increase when spent!]

Zombie Hunter Sniper is a version of a zombie hunting game with virtual reality goggles. Players who download the game for free in a realistic three-dimensional graphics environment will take part in a colorful battle like a terrible zombie. The game is challenging but fun. Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod is a free virtual reality game on all online platforms. It’s a product of Genera Indie Games and is similar to Sniper VR or Battleship Defense VR.

Although it is called a zombie hunting game, Zombie Hunter Sniper is the first shooting game with FPS. Players with large binoculars and the ability to switch shooting directions will take turns shooting everyone who dies if they don’t want to die because of them.

The background of the zombie hunter sniper is the basement of a tall building. They fill him with horrible zombies. They can move fast and attack directly. With the ability to upgrade modern weapons, gamers will destroy zombies with narrow arrows to escape this dark place. The game has a terrifying style with scary scenes and mysterious sounds and will bring battles to the attention of gamers.

General information

Zombie Hunter Sniper is one of the best zombie-themed games. The game that comes with your quest is to grab a gun, aim its head, and kill the wandering around to stop the deadly virus infection. Zombie Hunter Sniper brings a variety of weapons to attack zombies.

Your mission in Zombie Hunter Sniper is very high. You are the only one who can stop the ubiquitous waves of death, destroy massacres, zombie tsunamis, survive and save humanity. Demonstrate the skills of snipers to spread the deadly virus plague around the world, endanger humanity, take up arms and destroy them.

Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod

Zombie Hunter Sniper gives you sniper rifles, automatic rifles, bazookas, or machine guns that can be upgraded. However, you must not only shoot but also have strategies and skills to destroy zombies. You can combine additional forces to help. We can play the game offline or online with our friends.

Zombie Hunter Sniper is a zombie killer game with much similar content. This is a unique first-person shooting game that allows you to unlock new guns and use gold coins to upgrade your weapons. They created the Zombie Hunter Sniper in a unique three-dimensional environment. The ability to upgrade wolves and powerful weapons among us increases with each level.

However, by increasing the brightness of the device’s screen, the game’s screen became darker. You can’t move while playing, just change the viewer using your head. Players will stop at one place and move to a new position only after completing a level.

How to play Zombie Hunter Sniper?

Zombie Hunter Sniper is a hunting adventure game and you will feel the real hunting feeling when you come to the game. The game will take you to the forest, or you will have to wait for the bars to appear in front of you. With simple actions, you can move left and right, turn on the viewfinder and choose the exact shooting position so that the target cannot escape and shoot. Prepare well and you will become a master of hunting. If the bullet hits dangerous areas of the animal’s body, you will get more rewards and destroy the target faster.

Your main hunting weapons include:

A single sniper rifle or bow allows you to destroy prey remotely. A single gun or rifle allows you to destroy animals at close range. When the other two bullets run out, one pistol. Players can collect, unlock and use a variety of weapon arsenals. Players can upgrade their armor by adding rebar, spare parts, and equipment to make it more powerful.

Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod

There are countless levels to experiment with. Each game screen is suitable for different areas. Of course, the animals there are different. From soft grasses to ferocious animals such as bears and wolves, you can try your hand at hunting for more than 100 species.

At each level of the game, the player will receive a different task. If you finish, you will receive a generous reward. If you don’t finish, your hunt will fail. In addition to the usual game mode of the game, players can compete directly with their friends while hunting. Inviting a friend can help you complete tasks quickly and easily. Especially those who kill early can compete together.

General evaluation

Zombie Hunter Sniper has a fast-paced, energetic sound that evokes players’ emotions before hunting. To make the hunt more exciting, there will be less noise when entering the hunt. However, if you don’t complete the task on the first beat, the rhythm will start faster. They make the sound effects of guns very detailed and show their power and speed.

The game has very clear 3D graphics. We draw forest outlines very carefully. Animals are very clear and accurate, capable of panicking or attacking. Zombie Hunter Sniper rifles are based on real-life versions and are meticulously crafted.

Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod

The downside of the game is that Zombie Hunter destroyed what Sniper tried to touch. One of the most frustrating issues is that controlling other characters with artificial intelligence is always a hindrance for players. Especially when running in a narrow place like a toilet, there is only one door. Often these characters like to block entries. And they won’t close the game because they didn’t plan to pass it on to you. In most cases, players will have to play the game again or try to run back. Then I hope people will relocate all the land to keep it in order.

Final words

Zombie Hunter Sniper shooting game with simple settings. You will live in a deadly and devastating city like any other zombie game. Your battlefield in Zombie Hunter Sniper is an abandoned, rusty factory. It is also a zombie nest.

As a brave hero, you take your weapon and head for the danger zone. At first, players can only use weak weapons, bad damage, limited range, and slow cooling. However, you don’t have to worry, because, in the first few actions, zombies are usually weak and sparse.

Zombie Hunter Sniper gives you the feeling of being a real hunter wandering through many forests to complete your mission. Through the game, players will be able to experience a sense of relaxation with countless tranquility and life-filled forests. This is a great game that will give you a pleasant experience after many hours of stressful and tiring work.



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Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod v3.0.76 (Unlimited Money)

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Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod v3.0.76 (Unlimited Money)

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Download (70.85 MB)

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