YouTube ReVanced Extended

YouTube ReVanced Extended APK v19.17.41 (Premium Unlocked)

Android Android 8.0 and upVideo Players & Editors
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App Name YouTube ReVanced Extended
Publisher Google LLC
Version 19.17.41 Build 1545866688
OS Required 8.0 and up
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 145.41 MB
Release Date May 11, 2024
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
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Mod Version 19.17.41 Build 1545866688
YouTube ReVanced Extended is the most famous version in the YouTube ReVanced Extended series of publisher Google LLC
Download (145.41 MB)

YouTube ReVanced Extended APK is another YouTube app for Android users that aims to improve the overall viewing experience. It is the official successor of YouTube Vanced and includes advanced features and functions not available in the native YouTube app.

These features include ad-blocking capabilities to eliminate ad-induced interruptions, background playback support that allows users to multitask while listening to audio or watching minimized videos, restore dislike buttons, full swipe control, hidden short video detection, HDR support, video quality and various customizations. YouTube ReVanced Extended APK is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices, allowing it to be accessible to a wide range of users. It’s designed to keep the familiar interface of the original platform while providing a seamless transition for users looking for an enhanced YouTube experience.


YouTube ReVanced Extended APK is an enhanced version of the original ReVanced project and offers a variety of additional features not available in the standard version. ReVanced Extended features developed by Inotia00 include sponsored content, intros, intros, skip reminders on videos, an option to enable old YouTube layouts, buttons, comments, YouTube dislikes, etc. hide/unhide shorts components, video dislikes number can be seen. MicroG has access to Google accounts, removes ads in different areas of YouTube, whitelists functions to support favorite channels with ads, swipes video player with gestures.

ReVanced YouTube Extended (RVX) is a modified version that offers features such as restoring animations, bypassing ambient mode restrictions, changing the homepage to a subscription feed, changing the app name, additional playback speed options, improved settings such as themes and layouts, and robustness. ads etc. . – continuous development of blocking ability, performance and stability


No Ads is a revolutionary tool that effectively removes all ads from YouTube ReVanced Extended APK. This feature provides uninterrupted viewing pleasure from annoying ads that interrupt your video viewing to mid- and end-to-end ads. By blocking ads on the platform, users can enjoy uninterrupted content. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite series or diving into educational content, Ad-Free provides an ad-free environment that lets you focus solely on your favorite videos.

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated content creator, being ad-free improves the overall YouTube experience. Without interruption, users fully absorb the content, resulting in greater engagement and satisfaction. This tool not only saves time but also saves video streams, making viewing smoother and more enjoyable. Ad-free gives users complete control over their YouTube journey, allowing them to explore, learn and enjoy themselves without being interrupted by ads.


With YouTube ReVanced, the convenience of background playback enhances your multimedia experience. This feature allows users to keep the sound of the playing video even when they close the app and lock the screen. Whether you’re listening to a podcast, a music playlist, or an educational lecture, you can seamlessly switch between tasks without interrupting the audio stream.

This App is designed for users who value convenience and flexibility in their media consumption habits. Enabling background playback provides a variety of scenarios where users may need to switch between apps or lock their screen while watching content of their choice. In addition, this feature is in line with the evolving trend of mobile usage, where users are looking for uninterrupted viewing of their favorite content on the go.


YouTube ReVanced Extended can be easily installed on any device using simple methods, even if the device is not rooted. However, Android users found that the official app was still unavailable, which led many to refrain from building their version of the updated APK. It’s a good idea to avoid criticizing those who find the process of data mining and custom software development less enjoyable than a quick download and installation of an APK. Many people believe that these tricks are only for rooted devices, but this is not the case with YouTube ReVanced Extended.


With this feature, you can seamlessly watch YouTube videos and use different apps at the same time without having to split the screen. Perfect for multi-taskers who like to surf the web or stay connected while watching movies on a compact floating screen. Users can ignore the floating screen and listen to the audio version of the movie while working with other Android apps. Additionally, the ability to position the floating screen anywhere on your device improves usability and offers unparalleled flexibility in your viewing experience.

This feature meets the dynamic needs of users who value productivity and entertainment at the same time. Whether you’re watching your favorite YouTube channels or doing tasks that require your attention, such as browsing or texting, this feature ensures uninterrupted enjoyment. By allowing users to easily switch between apps and content without interrupting audio playback, it improves the overall efficiency and comfort of mobile use. In addition, customizing the floating screen position adds an extra layer of versatility, allowing users to tailor their viewing experience to fit their preferences and workflow.


Download YouTube ReVanced Extended MOD APK and unlock its many features. These features are invaluable for those who appreciate podcasts and need constant updates while using their mobile device for various tasks. Throughout my work, I stream podcasts seamlessly to keep myself informed and engaged. This function has a wider scope; For example, I can listen to video and audio while doing housework and save data while increasing productivity. Imagine a scenario where you urgently need information from a video, only to be exposed to three irrelevant ads on YouTube. Disappointment is palpable. Think about the inconvenience that such incidents may cause.



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YouTube ReVanced Extended APK v19.17.41 (Premium Unlocked)

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YouTube ReVanced Extended APK v19.17.41 (Premium Unlocked)

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Download (145.41 MB)





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