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Rage Road Mod APK v1.3.22 (All Items Unlocked)

Android Android 7.0 and upAction
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App Name Rage Road
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Version 1.3.22 Build 141
OS Required 7.0 and up
Genre Action
Size 82.61 MB
Release Date Nov 13, 2023
MOD INFO All Items Unlocked
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Rage Road is the most famous version in the Rage Road series of publisher SayGames Ltd
Mod Version 1.3.22 Build 141

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A thrilling, high-octane adventure awaits those who dare to walk the famous Rage Road in the heart of the virtual gaming world. This survival game promises players an adrenaline-charged journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland of speed, strategy, and firepower. Rev up your engines and get ready to dive into non-stop action as we explore the exciting world of Rage Road.



Road of Rage takes players to a dystopian future where civilization has collapsed, leaving a lawless and treacherous wasteland. The plot of the game is desolate highways, ruined cities, and desert plains. Graffiti-covered overpasses and dilapidated buildings are reminders of the world’s former glory. This stunning environment sets the stage for a chaotic battle for survival as players traverse unpredictable terrain and fend off relentless enemies.

Rage Road Mod APK


At the heart of Rage Road gameplay is vehicular warfare. Players take on the role of a lone survivor armed with a variety of specially customized vehicles equipped with a variety of deadly weapons. From terrifying monster trucks to shiny armored sports cars, every car in Rage Road is a symbol of destruction and power. The game has an extensive garage where players can upgrade their vehicles, unlock new weapons, and improve their performance as they progress.


Path of Wrath unleashes hordes of ferocious enemies that seem to emerge from every corner of the wasteland. Gangs of bandits, mutated creatures, and bandit warriors all pose a constant threat to the player’s survival. A variety of enemies will keep players on their toes and require them to adjust their strategies and weapons accordingly. No two encounters are different in Road Rage, making every moment a test of skill and reflexes.


The game is divided into several adrenaline-charged missions, each with its own unique objective. These quests drive the game’s story and challenge players to brave deeds. From rescuing hostages to protecting convoys, Fury Road’s objectives are as varied as Endgame. Successfully completing missions rewards players with valuable resources, experience points, and in-game currency that can be used to upgrade their vehicles and weapons.

Rage Road Mod APK

Eye components

Rage Road attracts players with its stunning visuals and attention to detail. The game’s graphics are nothing short of exciting, emphasizing the atmospheric effects that immerse players in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. Day-night cycles, dynamic weather, and realistic physics enhance the overall gameplay experience and visually enhance every journey along Fury Road.


Firepower is the key to survival in this unforgiving wilderness. Rage Road offers an impressive arsenal of weapons, from heavy machine guns and rocket launchers to flamethrowers and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) devices. Players can customize and upgrade their weapons to suit their playstyle and master the firepower needed to overcome the game’s ever-increasing challenges.


Rage Road takes the excitement of car battles to the next level with its multiplayer mode. Players can team up with friends or engage in multiplayer battles against other survivors. Whether it’s forming a convoy to tackle challenging missions or engaging in intense PvP (Player vs. Player) battles, the multiplayer component adds an unpredictable and exciting layer to the Road of Fury experience.


As players complete the game’s missions, they will encounter terrifying boss enemies that require cunning strategy and precision to defeat. These epic matches provide intense and memorable moments that punctuate the gameplay and test the player’s skills to the limit. Each boss character has unique abilities and weaknesses, making these battles a true test of adaptability and skill.

Rage Road Mod APK


One of the unique features of Rage Road is its exciting car chases. Players are tasked with chasing down, shaking, and overwhelming their desperate enemies with their arsenal of weapons. These heart-pounding chase sequences keep players engaged and motivated, and every moment spent in Fury Road is full of adrenaline.


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Step 01: Download the APK file on your Android smartphone. You can do this using a web browser or by transferring files from your computer or laptop to your Android smartphone.

Step 02: Locate the APK file on your device. This may be located in the Downloads folder but may be in a different folder depending on how you downloaded the file.

Step 03: Click on the APK file for opening. You may see a warning message about installing programs from unknown sources. If you see this message, tap Settings and enable Allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 04: To start the installation process click on the “Install” button.

Step 05: Wait for the completion of installation.

Step 06: After completing, the installation process click on the “Open” button to start the application or click on the “Close” button to close the application.


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Yes, of course. You can safely use this application and enjoy all the pro features for free. This app is released under the guidance of leeapk.com and is thoroughly tested before it is delivered to you.

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No, This application is completely free. We always share with you what’s free and best.

Q3. Can I download this MOD version for iOS?

Sorry, but you cannot download the MOD for iOS. The .apk file can only be played on Android devices, Android TV or on PC via an Android Emulator.

Q4. Modded Version of Rage Road APK is Crashing on My Device?

Sorry for this! some devices are not compatible with this mod app. If you need more help contact us on Telegram.

Q5. How Can I Download This APK?

Many people are facing various problems downloading from our website. Keeping them in mind we have made a download guideline by clicking here you can download it according to the instructions.

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