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Phonograph Plus APK v1.7.1 (Full Version)

Android Android 4.4 and upMusic & Audio
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App Name Phonograph Plus
Publisher Karim Abou Zeid
Version 1.7.1 Build 1071
OS Required 4.4 and up
Genre Music & Audio
Size 5.30 MB
Release Date Jun 22, 2024
Mod Info Full Version
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Mod Version 1.7.1 Build 1071
Phonograph Plus is the most famous version in the Phonograph Plus series of publisher Karim Abou Zeid
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Phonograph Music Player – Music is one of the essentials in people’s daily lives; It dates back to antiquity and is easily created when objects collide in style. As the world develops, music will evolve and become more modern, more complex, and more artistic than only human beings can enjoy. Today, when people want to get interested in music, they will find smart music players that are widely available on various platforms, one of which is the Phonograph music player.

Phonograph Music Player Features

User-friendly interface, versatility, and energy

Phonograph music player is not only based on the available features but also prides itself on being one of the best music players with the best development interface. Its interface is designed to be simple and not too complicated, but it has all the features that users need to manage their voice.

The interfaces are divided into different categories, each with specific uses, but all help to organize the user’s sound as a whole. Divide into categories such as albums, artists, playlists, etc. to help users manage and listen to their favorite music. Of course, users can change their playlists and listen depending on their mood or what they want to share with their friends.

Scan your music search device

Phonograph Music Player is a free application but does not support online music search, but users can listen to music anywhere, anytime. Once the application is installed, it will automatically scan the entire user directory song, listing the songs that are already available to users. However, some songs don’t have pictures, author names, and so on, so they don’t give you the best experience listening to music.

However, this can be changed thanks to the available features of the program. Even if users download audio files and place them elsewhere on the device, the program will scan and list them from one place. The homepage lists all the user’s songs, and users can change their directory in a few simple steps.

Easy to use and the best listening experience

Phonograph music player is designed with a simple mechanism that helps users to control and listen to their songs more effectively. When listening to music, the program automatically switches to a separate interface and has a music illustrator function that analyzes the songs.

Users can control the music in a simple way, such as rotating directly on the music player interface, changing the sound, and converting the playlist. Of course, the program will display other information about the song, such as the artist’s name, avatar, and more. However, users need to install them manually, rename them, and add whatever they need.

Provide information online

Many user songs may not contain complete information, such as the artist’s name, sound information, and accompanying images. However, this is no longer a problem as the program automatically gives users the soundtrack, artist name, and even brand name. In other words, the user can still change the name of the song, but the program will automatically search for the required information and their basic settings.

Users can also change the color of the sound, so they can identify their favorite song on the front page and make the interface more beautiful or more vibrant. Supporting users with the information they need about a song is what sets the app apart, saving users time researching and searching for each song.

Configure the dynamic UI and interface

Phonograph music player is a smart music player, but at its core is a specially designed interface that allows users to customize it. In other words, the only thing that attracts the user to the program interface is that it is very well programmed. The peculiarity is that the application can run in the background or in the notification area of ​​the device.

Users don’t need to have frequent access to the app to listen to music, but they can hide it and do other things conveniently. Users simply need to use simple actions on the notification panel, such as swipe, shake, and scroll to the right to arbitrarily move a song or playlist. In the user settings, the program allows users to change the overall color of the program, and even mix colors to create a new scene.

A phonograph music player is a simple music player; It brings users the best listening experience at the same time and gives them a completely different, new interface. Its interface is superior to other applications, flexible, and helps users save time on other tasks.



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Phonograph Plus APK v1.7.1 (Full Version)

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Phonograph Plus APK v1.7.1 (Full Version)

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