Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 Mod APK v5.3.7 (Unlimited Grenades)

December 27 2021 (6 months ago)
App Name Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2
Publisher Miniclip com
Version 5.3.7 Build 309
Genre Action
Size 43M
MOD Info Unlimited Grenades
Release Date December 27, 2021
Languages Multilingual
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Immerse yourself in the exciting adventures of Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2. Leaving aside the simple graphics and unique art style, Doodle Army 2 is one of the best shots you can have in your system.

Choose your avatar from the crowd, choose your starting weapon, and gather all kinds of firepower along the way. Play the game alone to challenge online gamers through many fun game modes or overcome various challenges.

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The game is based on the popular stickman shooter Doodle Army, according to fans. Not surprisingly, this game has become quite popular thanks to its simple and straightforward gameplay.

In this game, you can choose your characters and dive into the experience of endless shooters through numerous single-player levels or overcome amazing challenges online with other online players.

With multiple avatars, you can easily change roles online. In addition, with a huge collection of different weapons and equipment, you can enjoy an interesting shooting experience with your characters.

Features of Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple, sensitive, and addictive game

Unlike many other shooting games, Doodle Army 2 players get used to controlling and the game relatively quickly. This is usually due to your familiar side-scrolling shooting mechanics and simplified control that allows you to do almost anything.

Take your favorite avatars to Doodle Army 2, wear them for amateurs, collect powerful guns, and dive into many online and offline game modes.

Different different firepower

With a wide range of guns and equipment, Doodle Army 2 players will enjoy the shooting game to the fullest. Get your favorite gun with your unique power to deal with your opponents. Don’t forget about consumer equipment such as shields and armored vests. These will give you the advantage of tackling challenges.

In addition to long-range weapons, the game includes amazing combat weapons that you can pick up whenever you want and chop up your opponents. That said, you can use daggers, knives, baseball bats, and more.

Choose and customize your characters

For those interested, Doodle Army 2 allows players to choose their favorite avatars featuring the most ferocious and brutal commanders who can take part in combat. Feel free to choose your favorite characters to take part in heroic battles against others. In addition, thanks to various accessories, you have many options to make on your characters.

Use different buffs

To make players more skilled during combat, the game has a variety of amateurs that can be taken before the challenge. This allows you to quickly recover HP with Health Regen and increase your shooting speed with Boost Increase or increase shooting accuracy to easily suppress your enemy. Collect the right buffs and use them at the right moment to take advantage of your enemies.

Explore various offline game modes

First, Doodle Army 2 players will have access to a variety of game modes to enjoy.

To get started, you can start your journey with a Training Battle. Choose from a variety of buffs and weapons to quickly get acquainted with the game and try it out.

And once you enjoy the game, you can start choosing amazing shooting challenges with your friends through the local multiplayer game mode. Choose your teams and fight with others or dive into a heroic battle where everyone cares only about themselves.

Finally, those who want to test their skills and abilities in extreme trials will have to choose a survival mode and fight against herds of enemies. Take them down and try to survive this insurmountable challenge as long as possible.

Overcome online challenges with players from all over the world

Also for those who want to play with other online players from all over the world, Doodle Army 2 allows you to overcome the exciting challenges of online shooters in one game with up to 6 different players. Join an existing tournament, or create your own and let other people experience the experience of these heroic shooters with you.

Connect your game to Google Play to see unlockable content

If you’re still interested in discovering other challenges in the game, you can connect your Google Play service account to the game and unlock amazing features. This includes amazing achievements that you can complete throughout the game and unlock special rewards.

In addition, you will open a useful online backup on the game. This will allow the files stored in the game to be automatically uploaded to your online drive. So, every time you come back to the game, you will go back to where you started.

Not to mention that this will allow you to quickly find social friends who are playing the game. So you can easily get your team’s game whenever you want.

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