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Melon VPN Mod APK v8.0.131 (VIP Unlocked)

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App Name Melon VPN
Publisher Inf Security Studio
Version 8.0.131 Build 80131
OS Required 5.0 and up
Genre Tools
Size 36.38 MB
Release Date Jun 14, 2024
Mod Info VIP Unlocked
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Mod Version 8.0.131 Build 80131
Melon VPN is the most famous version in the Melon VPN series of publisher Inf Security Studio
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  • VIP/Paid Features Unlocked
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  • Super fast connection unlocked

Melon VPN Mod APK functions incorporate two major technologies, the user-defined network path, which allows the encrypting of a point, and the command for work. Here we will focus on the two features to improve the performance of the Melon VPN service. Users can opt to create their network paths and set up Wi-Fi protocols using application-specific filters. Following are the necessary features and system requirements for both Protocols.


Configuration of a network path is one of the most important components of Melon VPN service. We look for the most efficient VPN platform available, wherein each web application interface is connected to multiple IPs on different network paths. Any stream or connectivity can be routed as a part of a VPN and the user can also access additional server configurations such as SSH, VPN in the cloud, Private Link, URL, FTP, HTTP, or TPTP and XSSL.

To simplify network access for our customers, we provide CLI functions that can be executed by the user either locally in the application or within a web browser. For the CLI function, we have added enabling of SSH-based VPN traversal and other many options. Keeping the client app created within an open-source framework, we have deployed in the CLI project, so that any other applications can do the same without needing to have personal VPN access.

We build on the continuous development of our CLI, and developers of other VPN providers have joined us to provide their local and cloud-facing CLI skills to our customers. Melon VPN’s line of products is expanding and we consider ourselves already providing our CLI capabilities through Cloud/Client IP VPN, so we are not committed to Cloud-facing CLI which needs to be supported on top of traditional client VPNs.


UID’s are not using client-side encryption, but creating private network tunnels outside the client’s IP address range, as is the case with VPN tunnels. In VPN tunneling, a single VPN session is optimized for multiple user access using the user-defined router or TCP protocol.

Using our supported applications like VPN on the table, we can set up a VPN pipeline with the recommended VPN protocol and add input/output protocol (DPE) for sensitive data through a TCP tunnel, along with traffic assurance protocols like Fibre Channel, Ethernet, ORC, and others. It is also possible to utilize private packets from applications to keep ICMP clear.

We are expanding our network path boundaries to include all endpoint platforms where server provisioning is required, so you can apply VPN routing to any hardware devices or devices with an ICMP signal. End-user app installations are applicable to this field as well.

Now you can also apply VPN routing to data stored on local devices and services. In this case, from any endpoint, you can automatically get compatible VPN routing for the one that you are using, and at the same time to Wi-Fi networks without the need for networking via a VPN tunnel. This is very convenient and it ensures high-speed data flow while ensuring the security of your data usage.

Melon VPN is one of the greatest VPNs of all time by users and top experts. It is a free software platform available to everyone; It is integrated with almost all mobile platforms today. This application has significant advantages and features compared to other similar platforms on the market today. It has helped gain the trust of people everywhere. If you do not currently have this application installed on your mobile device, download it quickly and try it now.


Any user who participates in the experience and uses a Melon VPN will be satisfied with the quality it brings. Thanks to its security, absolute ease of use, and super fast package speed, it is close to every user and supports almost all mobile phone needs.

Melon VPN is one of the most perfect and secure versions. With its easy-to-use features, you need to click directly to connect to a VPN. The advantage of this program is that it can open unwanted websites and bypass unnecessary applications. Users are supported with unlimited bandwidth and free trial time.

Our system will completely keep all terms and all user privacy; important information will not be disclosed. Block the websites that users want, easily change the IP address, and all hotspots are secure and anonymous. Our software supports VPN server systems around the world. In most large countries, this program will always be best configured and supported.


Here are a few important reasons why consumers choose Melon VPNs so much. First, it is a free VPN application that gives users unlimited VPNs. Our system will provide unlimited high-speed stability to more than 5,000 VPN servers worldwide. This allows users to log in from anywhere. Our software is smart; It can automatically connect to the fastest and most secure VPN servers.

Melo VPN will support VPN, unlimited speed, and bandwidth. The app will provide the best support of all users and work with all data providers in the mobile network. The security feature will always be safe. All websites with geographical restrictions will be unblocked.


Melon VPN is a highly secure application. This makes it easy to encrypt and protect user traffic. When using the application, all user information will be completely anonymous and protected. It’s easy to enjoy and gives you a very personal web experience. The program will unblock almost any web page that the user wants. It is easy to unblock videos that are not in the user’s country.

VPN and its speed are not limited. Users will be provided with a 100% free VPN and will not have two credit card passwords and registration information. This is a very useful program. The speed and bandwidth without any restrictions are amazing. The stability of this program is one of the highest-rated features. This is the best speed and stability software on the market today.


Melon VPN is the most accessible VPN application to use. Users start the process by downloading, installing, and securing traffic. If you have any problems, please contact our service center directly. Our app does not record or store user reviews. Securely protects all user privacy. By downloading the application to your device, you can easily participate in the experience and explore the application with a single click.



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Melon VPN Mod APK v8.0.131 (VIP Unlocked)

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Melon VPN Mod APK v8.0.131 (VIP Unlocked)

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