iMemo Mod APK v5.0.64 (Pro Unlocked)

Android Android 6.0 and upProductivity
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App Name iMemo
Publisher Newway Apps
Version 5.0.64 Build 206
OS Required 6.0 and up
Genre Productivity
Size 62.64 MB
Release Date Jul 11, 2024
Mod Info Pro Unlocked
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Mod Version 5.0.64 Build 206
iMemo is the most famous version in the iMemo series of publisher Newway Apps
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Do you want Voice-to-text, AI typing, summarizing, dictation and transcribing in a smart notepad via your Android smartphone/Android Emulator? iMemo Mod APK is better for voice-to-text AI typing smart notepad on Android, more than 100 thousand users have downloaded this from the Google Play store.

iMemo is a note-taking app or software that uses artificial intelligence AI technology to improve the note-taking process. Note that AI applications often use AI algorithms and features to improve user experience and productivity. Please note that AI functions may vary by application or software. However, iMemo may include some generic AI-based features.



Typically, easy-to-use note-taking apps offer a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly create and organize their notes. These apps are designed to simplify the note-taking process and provide users with a seamless experience.

The main features of Easy Quick Notes include creating new notes with minimal effort, organizing notes into categories or folders, adding reminders or alarms to important notes, and synchronizing data across multiple devices. Some apps support additional features such as attaching images and files to notes, recording audio, and setting priorities and tags for better organization.

This easy-to-use note-taking app aims to provide a simple and efficient note-taking and management solution. This allows users to quickly record their thoughts, ideas, reminders, and important information when needed.


iMemo is a productivity app that helps people organize their tasks and manage their time efficiently. I don’t have details on specific apps by that name, but I’ll give you a general overview of the features common to to-do list apps.

The main purpose of a to-do list app like Get To Do List is to help users create and manage to-do lists. These apps usually offer features such as task creation, due dates, reminders, priority settings, and task categories.

A popular technique used in to-do list programs is the Get-To-Go (GTD) methodology, which focuses on breaking down tasks into small steps and ranking them in order of urgency and importance. This approach helps users prioritize tasks and focus on completing them.

These apps often provide additional features such as task dependencies, subtasks, recurring tasks, collaboration options, and cross-device sync. These features allow users to efficiently manage complex projects, delegate tasks, and collaborate with others.

Overall, Get To Do List is a valuable tool for improving productivity and completing tasks on time. They offer a structured approach to task management and help people stay focused and organized.


Artificial intelligence in translation quality refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve the quality and efficiency of the translation process. These AI-powered tools aim to improve the accuracy, consistency, and clarity of translations by supporting translators in their work.

One common application of AI in translation is machine translation (MT), where AI algorithms analyze large datasets of multilingual content to generate translations. Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a type of machine translation that uses deep learning techniques to improve translation quality, taking into account context and incorporating linguistic nuances.

AI translation tools help translators choose the most appropriate words and phrases in the target language by providing real-time suggestions and predictions. These tools use artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and understand context, providing translators with alternative translations and improving overall accuracy.

AI helps manage terminology by suggesting specific terms, maintaining consistency, and identifying potential errors in term usage. AI algorithms can analyze and adapt to different fields, enabling translation in specialized areas such as legal, medical, and technical translation.

Using artificial intelligence, translators can deliver faster and more accurate translations, and improve context-sensitive sentences and post-editing capabilities. While human experience is still important in translation, AI-assisted tools can deliver more efficient and high-quality translations that ultimately benefit both translators and end users.


iMimo is an AI artificial intelligence-based notepad with a voice-to-text conversion facility as well as AI-answered questions. Which is very useful and accessible for the users, which makes the user’s user experience more interesting and easy. So by using these apps you can note down your daily work in a very short time and save it in Notepad. If you have any questions about this app feel free to email us via Contact US.


Q1. Does iMemo APK Support All Smartphones?

This app will fully support Android 5.0 and up revisions without any hassle.

Q2. Is It Possible to Use Paid Features for Free in iMemo App?

Yes, it is possible but for that you need to download and install the full version of these apps from our website.



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iMemo Mod APK v5.0.64 (Pro Unlocked)

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iMemo Mod APK v5.0.64 (Pro Unlocked)

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