Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense Mod v12.8.7 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Android Android 4.4 and upStrategy
Price: $0
App Name Zombie Defense
Publisher Home Net Games
Version 12.8.7 Build 1287
OS Required 4.4 and up
Genre Strategy
Size 47.51 MB
Release Date April 28, 2022
MOD INFO Unlimited Money
Zombie Defense is the most famous version in the Zombie Defense series of publisher Home Net Games
Mod Version 12.8.7 Build 1287

Zombie Defense combines RTS elements, giving a difficult level to the tower defense type. You can place your warriors on the field in a ready position and change their position as you wish on Zombie Defense Mod. At the same time, the number of levels is entirely diverse and divided into different modes, which should not be ignored. So the upgrade system will help you to fight powerful enemies.



In Zombie Defense, players will fight zombies with increasing endurance. You will have the full elite power to defeat the approaching enemies and have powerful equipment. At the same time, as you go to the level, you will see a variety of environments, and the battle will always be stable, and the design of the environment will be completely different.

Zombie Defense Mod

Green nests where your enemies can stand and attack enemies are common in the environment where you try to survive. At the same time, you will find it interesting and will not take your eyes off the RTS. the element was added to the tower protection. This is expressed by moving the warrior position between the green spaces on the screen. So you will find many interesting strategies in this game.


The levels of Zombie Defense are divided into different waves and you won’t know where the zombies come from. So you place the warrior in a temporary position and wait until the monster appears. At the same time, each warrior has a suitable attack range, so you can choose the location that suits them. Upon completion of the wave, you will receive additional bonuses that can be used for various purposes.

At the beginning of the game, the number of warriors you own is minimal, so it’s normal for you to encounter some challenges. In addition to the weapons owned by the warriors, other special tools may be used. For example, if you think there are too many zombies that one person can’t kill, a grenade is the best solution, and you don’t need to change the other person’s position to support your partner.

Zombie Defense Mod

You will be able to find different modes and it will have different levels that you have to overcome. In particular, you can find additional modes of nightmares with zombies with higher resistance than usual and open a new upgrade mechanism. The three-person regimen is similar to a nightmare, but the number of teams is significantly reduced. In addition, you can protect the cameraman’s TV at all levels, and if you work well, you will get an additional reward. Many other modes can test your strength.


After watching a tower defense game like Zombie Defense, you will definitely not be able to ignore its upgrade mechanism. The complex upgrade system is divided into small skill trees to suit each type of warrior and tower. In addition, it has support mechanisms such as regeneration.

Zombie Defense Mod


  • In a game that combines tower defense and RTS, you will have to decide for yourself the tactical flexibility to stop the zombies.
  • You can place warriors and towers in any position and change them depending on various difficult situations.
  • Every warrior has weapons and valuable tools to help him overcome many difficult times.
  • Depending on the model you choose, the level of challenges will increase, allowing you to overcome them.
  • The comprehensive reform system is divided into small skill trees, and you will spend time learning and making choices.


Download (47.51 MB)

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