Pure Tuber Mod APK v3.7.0.003 (VIP Unlocked)

June 16 2022 (1 week ago)
App Name Pure Tuber Premium
Publisher Pure Tuber Studio
Version Build 30700003
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 19.92 MB
MOD Info VIP Unlocked
Release Date June 16, 2022
Languages Multilingual
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  • VIP/Paid Unlocked ;
  • Disabled/Removed All Types of Ads;
  • GPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
  • Original Signature has been changed;
  • Languages: Multilingual;

Pure Tuber – Android users know the name Snaptube, an app like Vidmate. With this app, you can download high-quality videos and MP3 files from more than 20 sites. You will not find this app in Google Play Store. Because all that these apps do doesn’t follow Google’s policy, its location is not in the Play Store.

However, you can use the free version of Snaptube from their website, but in my opinion, it is better not to use it. I will tell below what is waiting. And I will also tell you how to use all these hassle-free versions.

Pure Tuber Mod APK


Now let’s see what you can do, I think it would be better to say what you can’t do. With Snaptube, you can download videos and audio from more than 20 sites, including Youtube and Facebook, and add high-quality audio and video to the search field.

You know better than I can do much more. So I did not write anymore. Snaptube is most used in Asia and India is one of them. I’ve been using a lot of Android devices lately, and all of them look pretty fantastic: Samsung’s Exynos chip, Google’s latest Pixel, and Pixel 2 smartphones, and so on.

However, it is foolish for these devices to exist in a single core because most of us use a lot of applications that provide a lot of applications in addition to the basic functions that smartphones offer, especially those installed on smartphones. silicon with faster performance and the ability to integrate.

Pure Tuber Pro APK

Not having a multi-core CPU means one major limitation for Android, and that is when we need to use a lot of devices to run our apps. The addition of software called LongLastStand for Android 7.0 Nougat devices solves this problem by making it possible to use Qualcomm 64-bit Snapdragon 820 performance. However, in order to pull off such a feature, we must rely on proprietary hardware.

Android can now be downloaded from the 512-layer Total Package interface based on the chipset used by the device. In other words, you can build a better, multi-core device with this hardware, but you’ve got to do so using one of those proprietary modules and in some cases two of them.

But in most Android devices sold in the US today, Android is still single-core. So let’s update that as well with the use of a popular dual-core Android microkernel called Mobile.

Pure Tuber VIP APK

Yes, you heard me right, I’m going to update Android with a single-core kernel that can replace its single-core version. This may seem like a decisive step, but given the impossibility of using Android’s single-core operating system on another system, there are quite strict conditions for creating a new kernel using this method. Let’s get into that below.

You may encounter issues if you have Android devices that have the older Android 5.0 kernel installed. Please consult Google’s developer’s resources for additional details.



Although Pure Tuber uses the same database as YouTube, its interface and overall design are different, even superior, flexible, and easy to interact with. Although it doesn’t have a video upload function, everything else is complete and promises users the best experience watching millions of videos around the world.

In addition, Pure Tuber will have a wide range of options, allowing users to freely personalize everything for a better experience. This includes changing colors and interactions and creating new beauty and style with each interface design option. Pure Tuber introduces users to more interesting options, which greatly affect other small details.


The most unique feature of Pure Tuber is that it is completely free. There are no ads compared to the original program. So when watching videos, users will never be interrupted and will be away from advertising forever. However, developers cannot build an application to integrate with the original application. However, it gives users something more innovative and helps them. Interact with all the content in a common and comfortable way.

During use, users will be able to easily interact with the basic functions. From there you will be able to find amazing things and the most smooth experience without advertising. In addition, while watching videos users can transfer specific content with their family to a connected device for easy viewing.


No matter what consumers like, video quality is always a priority. Fortunately, Pure Tuber is built with smart artificial intelligence, which will automatically improve video quality and give users a new experience. In addition, all quality locks are unlocked and users can easily watch any video in HD 4K format.

Of course, the video quality will remain the same even if the user broadcasts it on TV and watches it in different modes. In other words, this application will improve the quality of new features for users, including video and audio.


One of YouTube’s biggest drawbacks is that it introduces a feature that runs behind Pure Tuber. As it automatically stops all content when a user leaves the app. With this feature, people who like to listen to music will be more comfortable. And free to do other things and listen to free and quality music.

Conversely, if the user wants to watch several videos at the same time. The window function makes everything easier and smoother. In addition, all the features that enhance the user experience are freely customizable. Users will always see new features while watching the video.

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