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App Name PUBG: NEW STATE PUBG: NEW STATE is the most famous version in the PUBG: NEW STATE series of publisher KRAFTON Inc
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Update November 24, 2021 (5 days ago)
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PUBG: NEW STATE APK + OBB Download for Android

If you’ve never played Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on any platform outside of your dorm room or home office, then this article might be hard to follow. The game is focused on a full-scale battle royale where two teams of 14 players launch their assault against one another in front of 360-degree cameras at each other. Everyone is heavily armed in their own respective ways. If you’re lucky, your teammates will help knock out whoever you beat first. You can also use PUBG MOBILE APK + OBB for Android.


It can be brutal at times, but it’s still a frantic, engaging experience. If you’ve never played PUBG on an Android device, not sure if it’ll be for you, here’s what you need to know.

We’re already looking at some tip sheets and videos from the Android version right now, but still want to make sure we’re right about the release date and that we won’t be getting trolled. Enjoy these extra tips and tricks while you wait!


PUBG sees many big-name apps show up on your system: a plethora of games, apps like Facebook and Twitter, and, of course, new iterations of the Google Play Store.


For Android users, these games do show up through the Play Store, and they can be downloaded from within the store. However, a few of them might not require a stable Android tablet or Android phone like PUBG. This is because Android is a relatively wide platform, and certain apps will allow you to install them over the air.


No real leaks have emerged regarding PUBG’s prices on Android. In its original announcement, PUBG explained that the upcoming game would cost over $40 for the regular, as-purchased version of the game on PC. This would be equivalent to around $20,000 to $25,000 for the Early Access version, which is only available on PC.


PUBG’s team will use many of the usual techniques to provide ongoing updates to the game. This includes fixing bugs that affect the gameplay, adding new features, improving overall performance, optimizing the game’s rules, and more.

PUBG’s developers will also be balancing the game so that it’s not too long or too short for fans who are using it for many hours. Eventually, the developer team wants to work on ensuring that you won’t be fighting each other during a wave or while one team is ahead.


Alongside all of this, PUBG: NEW STATE will also be adding a log-in and login feature, real-time streaming, chat, leaderboards, new high score leaderboards, a night mode for PvP battles, a HUD that’s always in place, new flags, new places to fight, and many more.


PUBG: NEW STATE will give you a situation where the government ceases to exist and there are many battles. At the same time, even in 2051, players will still be able to see the modern state of many elements of the game’s environment. The houses have changed the look of more stunning cars than the old version. So it will make the players want to feel it.

PUBG: NEW STATE has beautiful and stunning graphics with artificial elements that have appeared in this world. At the same time, even if you leave it all out, the new environment will make players feel more impressed and loved by taking care of the domain and adding new elements. You can only see the drones and effects that appear in fantasy games.

Despite the above achievements, it is impossible not to attract the attention of someone who should pay attention to the open world of the game. It’s a world where you can do what you love, and it’s big. So sometimes you need to use a car to get your car in quickly. In addition, you can interact with the elements of the environment and get what you need.


In addition to the amazing improvements above, the game has the same gameplay as the previous version and is a brave fighting piano. Players compete in a 100-player tournament and are not mapped out on a small map. For the first experience, learning to feel the whole place is not easy. They will also be directed to a specific place without going on a trip like an RPG game.

One of the features of PUGB that we can’t ignore is Bluezone. After landing on the map a few minutes later, Bluezone begins to become a sign that players are going there, which is a must for everyone. With big plans, meeting only 100 people is relatively rare, and sometimes the competition can take a long time. So it makes sense to create a place where anyone can enter.

Depending on the number of players remaining, Bluezone will narrow its scope and continue to shrink over time. PUBG: NEW STATE will require you to find the weapons and equipment you need and keep moving. In the process, you’ll probably meet other players and try to lower your gun. Meanwhile, after overcoming the other 99 players, you will be the winner of Lone Survivor and the game.


PUBG: NEW STATE brings you a new environment and a new experience of beautiful cars that you can’t ignore. But the thing you need to pay attention to is the weapons and equipment that the game brings. Right at the beginning of the game, you land in a new place and try to find the necessary blood, armor, helmets, and weapons. Gradually, as you play, you will find different environments and things you need more than your defeated opponents.

In terms of guns, there are many ways to get rid of distant enemies. You can face them directly or attack them from a distance. With a wide range of games, you can hide in an invisible place or too far away so as not to injure other players. So it’s always a tough game and requires a certain tactic from the player.

Finding the right weapon for the weapon is really lucky for the player. Therefore, they will need to test a variety of new weapons in conjunction with other improved equipment. These items can be masks or mufflers that have been redesigned to make them more stunning. From there, you’ll have a weapon with a more accurate shooting function, so don’t forget to get an arrow.


PUBG: NEW STATE gives you great graphics that make a really great impression when something new comes out. At the same time, players will be able to experience a brand new map with devices that can be used in the future. Also, do not neglect your weapons and equipment to survive this mortal battle.

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