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Price: $0
Version 0.22.0
OS Required 4.4 and up
Genre Action
Size 683M
Release Date September 25, 2021
PUBG MOBILE LITE is the most famous version in the PUBG MOBILE LITE series of publisher PROXIMA BETA
Mod Version 0.22.0
Content Rating Rated for 16+

PUBG Mobile Lite for Android

PUBG Mobile Lite is Korea’s first battle royale game. The game received a lot of hype across both local and international media, as it did not only deliver a new style of gameplay, but also a different way of presentation on the device of the user. It is worth the hype, and honestly, I do not think that there is a video game genre that has introduced such versatility in terms of gameplay.

As the game begins, you are introduced to the Korean landscape of Korea (with its vibrant areas and diverse subcultures) with a beautiful and cinematic in-game trailer. It has a K-Pop-like style, with occasionally flashing lights and jazzy music across the scene. Most of the opening is set in the military hangar area with containers filled with weapons such as M4 and M18 assault rifles (and the occasional machine gun), and aircraft. However, after the start, you are thrown into battle royale mode.


PUBG’s mode in Korea (the map is the same as the US map) allows you to choose four teams of two out of 10 players each. The most common subspecies are the lads, while the wife and children will opt for the option to be on a separate team. However, don’t use “wife” in the game, the default term is “Sheep” in Korea.

The player who gets the most kills in the game will win. This mode can either end with a lot of screaming and screaming on the part of the players, or it can culminate in a 7 versus 7 battle for third place (the prizes are different) and the loser will receive 6,000$ KR and 4SK00KR, respectively.

It is possible to win a series, as you can cross the series threshold by picking the perfect partner that battles alongside you, and you can even have group battles as well. All of the matches are 120 minutes long. In this game, all the games are played in order, and you are going to have around two hours to complete the matches. You should have at least 25 packs to keep yourself going.

The possession is traded across points (points in the map). It can be anything from a console, a Switch, or a phone. Of course, you can also jump to others points which give you an extra 50 HP (generously designed), and even 100 HP allows you to go out with the “handy bonus” (WHEN DOES MEAN SOMETHING FOR CHAOS ON THE STREET!). You should also keep this in mind when attacking the other team.

Once you place your 3 packs and then defeat your opponents, you can explore the map or you can go swimming with your friends. Also, in all scenarios, you can only use 2XP for weapons and you get one small document with those rounds. Of course, there is going to be downtime in the middle of the match, as there will be time for healthcare to be repaired and repaired.

PUBG is promising a series of microdata updates that include bug fixes and improvements, though no more information about the update is being provided.

As for the game controls, you must have the Nintendo Switch or a mobile app that runs the Korean version (the American version still requires XB1). There are two options to play the game: normal: play anywhere where there is a stable internet connection or; and mode B: a game that is disabled by parental consent (also requires permission).


As mentioned above, PUBG MOBILE LITE is a version of the PUBG smartphone game. This game is mainly for ordinary players who do not need professional skills. However, you don’t see its weaknesses, making this version of the game weaker than its brother on the computer. The first is that you will see that the game is very well advertised while playing graphically.

Compared to games of the same type and still active, it is superior to almost all products. Premium games are as close to this level as possible, but it may never be possible for games that aim to follow trends and use fame a little. The characters in the game are always sharpened to show the strength of the characters, and with the tools you provide, they create amazing effects. Overall, visually, players will be happy with the mobile version of this game.


Another feature that makes this game always attractive to the player’s eyes is that it is updated very carefully every season. A few of my friends stopped playing this game for a month, and when they came back, it changed a lot. If PUBG MOBILE’s competitors in the market are still looking for a way to copy their popular features in order to attract their publisher’s interactive fan base, this is quite reasonable.

The healthiest way to compete is to constantly offer new features, and as these competitors use their minds to make changes, grow their products, and create a variety of environments, they choose what is attractive and what players can choose to suit their interests. Different game modes are always updated quickly, and each version has a different focus before the printer. Moreover, according to the social construction style of such a large publisher, a wide variety of channels will quickly provide players with the best knowledge to participate in the game and have a good time.


PUBG Mobile Lite is a lovely game on many levels. There are many small touches, such as the look of the maps, and can be merged with the South Korean subculture for unique experiences.

In this game, the number of items you can carry is just enough to give you a very different play style. The healing potion is a game-changer and, if things go wrong, you can go out with it. Basically, it is a battle royale game with plenty of options to customize your gameplay experience.

Basically, it is a battle royale game with plenty of options to customize your gameplay experience. In short, it is a battle royale game with plenty of options to customize your gameplay experience. However, I did not get to play it that much, as I was not due back to work on Monday evening, but I watched quite a few episodes of NCIS.

I have a huge amount of respect for PUBG Mobile Lite and hope to try it out again when my company has enough senior-level management to take ownership of it.

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