Is Poco F3 GT & Poco X3 GT Waterproof Smartphone or Not?

24 September 2021 (1 year ago)

Poco is currently the best to provide great performance on a small and medium-term budget. However, in order to save costs, it is necessary to make concessions due to their specific characteristics. Poco team released some impressive features on Poco F3 GT and Poco X3 GT smartphones at a low cost. They both have Mediatek density chipsets that support 5G.

As a reminder, the Poco F3 GT has a DGB 1200 chip, 8GB of RAM, a 64-megapixel main shot, and a 16-megapixel front arrow. The battery has a capacity of 5056 mAh and 67 W fast charging. In addition, the Poco X3 GT has a Density 1100 chip paired with 6GB of RAM. It has the same camera for the first shot. However, the battery has a capacity of 5,000 mAh and can still charge 67 watts quickly.

In terms of price, they look amazing. But what about waterproofing? Are the Poco F3 GT and X3 GT waterproof? Do they come with an IP rating? You can find the answers to all these questions in this article.


Poco F3 GT & Poco X3 GT Waterproof Smartphone or Not?

If you’ve been following any critics, you’ve probably heard the term IP rating somewhere. This IP rating or penetration protection rating determines how resistant your device is to water and dust. The wire must have a rating of at least IP68 to be called “Water Resistant”. The IP rating is issued after the cell phone has been tested under certain conditions under the influence of dust and water. So how do they rate Poco phones?

Poco did not specify the IP rating of the X3 GT smartphone. I tried to find any clues about IP ratings from the official websites and some of the leading websites that provide full phone specifications. Unfortunately, the X3 GT doesn’t have an IP rating. This means that the phone has not been tested for IP rating and will not survive in water.

However, for the F3 GT, we were able to find some resources online. Some sources have found it to be IP53 rated. But we can’t be sure because it’s not from the official site. However, this rating will not be determined unless most manufacturers make a huge deal. For example, if the phone has an IP68 rating, it is worth mentioning about marketing. However, under normal circumstances, there is no marketing point in determining that this phone is IP-53.


Let’s test the water resistance of these smartphones. As part of the water test, we put water in a container to mimic the pouring test. Later, we will turn the wire inside the cup for 1 minute. The second test is when your phone falls into a small pond or pool and sinks

After two tests, we will thoroughly test the phone’s functionality such as phone response, charging, USB connection, camera, microphone, and speakers. If there is any damage, you know it is waterproof. Although we dry the phone completely to avoid damaging it, a drop of water comes out after testing the phone.


As mentioned earlier, we conducted a spray experiment. We put the smartphone in a container of water. This should mimic the version where your phone may have fallen into the sink or a friend may have splashed a bucket of water. As a rule, any high-quality wire must be able to withstand it.

As expected, the phones worked very well without any problems. Everything worked on the Poco X3 GT and F3 GT. However, I would like to reiterate that we only tested the phone after it was completely dry.


Let’s take things one step further and keep the wire in the cup for a moment, now let’s say for a minute. This should mimic the case where your phone may have fallen into a small pool or pond. It takes at least 1 minute to reach the phone and save it. Most modern phones must be able to withstand this test. However, some phones survive but have minor issues such as speakers and microphones not working.

But for the X3 GT and F3 GT, it seems like a lucky day. Once the phone is completely dry, they seem to be working normally without any problems. Maybe it’s really an IP53 device.


As you can see, both the Poco X3 GT and the F3 GT seem to be very water-resistant. However, if you look, the IP 53 rating means that it can withstand only 10 minutes of water spray. This means using your phone in the rain and avoiding exposure. To be honest, we’re really happy that these mid-range smartphones have the same level of water protection. It is recommended to keep your phone away from water to avoid problems.


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