PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer

PGT+ Pro Mod APK v0.22.5 (Paid Patched)

Android Android 4.3 and upTools
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App Name PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer
Publisher Trilokia Inc.
Version 0.22.5
OS Required 4.3 and up
Genre Tools
Size 3.39 MB
Release Date Nov 27, 2022
Mod Info Paid Patched
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PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer is the most famous version in the PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer series of publisher Trilokia Inc.
Mod Version 0.22.5

PGT + Pro GFX & Optimizer – PUBG for mobile platforms is popular all over the world and consistently tops the list of online games. However, this article will focus on software that can adjust the graphics and give players the best visual and gaming experience. It’s called PGT +, and it’s unique in just one game, but it has the advantage of being unique and promises to open up new possibilities for everyone. What’s better is that it’s well-designed and can be integrated directly into the game to make it even easier.



The main feature of the application is to help users directly adjust the graphics settings from the first game, PUBG Mobile. In addition, customizing the graphics will add many special elements not mentioned in the original game, thus giving players the best visual experience.

PGT + Pro GFX & Optimizer

Graphics, visual effects, and other visually related elements will be fine-tuned and full of detail. The application is constantly updated with new and better features so that users can make many discoveries in the application or game through graphics and visuals.


The precision adjustment feature in the first game still has many problems and does not give players the best experience. In addition, the original game itself still doesn’t have many special features that change the accuracy of the players, so PGT + can solve the problem in just a few simple steps.

PGT + Pro GFX & OptimizerFor example, sharpness plays an important role in stabilizing or resizing frames, which can affect graphics quality and change image and other factors. However, many devices have large screens and the game does not respond, so changing the resolution will make it look smoother and clearer on a variety of devices.


PUBG Mobile isn’t fully graphically optimized to give everyone the best visual experience, so the app opens up new levels of graphics and allows players to play at higher speeds. Moreover, improving the graphics will increase the performance of the device, but it is easy to get 4K HD quality in return for real image quality. The optimization is perfect, making each system superior to softer, more stable, high-quality devices. At the same time, the application can be integrated directly into the game, thereby expanding the player’s exploration to a new level.

PGT + Pro GFX & Optimizer


If the device does not adapt to the game’s performance and graphics, the program will increase the performance. This is a commonly used feature, but PGT + makes it more successful and powerful thanks to a special program. In addition, the user can adjust the boost level, and the battery charge will be proportional to the performance level. In addition, it provides users with a number of features and tools needed to increase performance, help them enjoy the game, and keep their device running efficiently.


In addition to focusing on optimizing graphics or image quality, this application allows devices to optimize other unique features of the game. In addition, they are not introduced into the game, but in many ways affect the player’s gaming experience.

Therefore, these elements will be constantly updated with the latest content, optimizing the entire game system and giving everyone a breakthrough. In addition, this category will feature more interesting features such as ambient graphics, shadows, and physical effects to improve the processing speed of the FPS or device.


Because the skipping factor was a nuisance to each player’s experience, PGT + will be integrated with the functionality needed to differentiate players by different names. However, anti-tampering services require more performance, and users can use this feature to optimize graphics or better FPS. By removing the palm whip, users will have more options to improve visual quality, such as 2X, 4X, 8X. The higher the anti-skip option, the smoother and clearer the character curve, but gradually leads to performance problems.

PGT + is considered to be the best application that is easily compatible with most mobile devices of PUBG Mobile games only. In addition, it will give users a variety of options to adjust the graphics and give the best experience about the game. In the future, the application will be constantly updated with new features, making the optimizer smoother and more user-friendly for users to explore.

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