How To Fix Gmail Crashing Issue on Android 2021

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 (2 months ago)

Your Gmail app may be out of date after a while, the app’s cache data may be corrupted, and a newly installed update to the Gmail app may have some stability issues or a simple system or Google account failure. Please delete your Google Account and sign in again.


Some users have reported that reinstalling Gmail has solved the problem. So, let’s get down to it without wasting more time.

How To Fix Gmail Crashing Issue on Android 2021

How To Fix Gmail Crashing Issue

1. Update Gmail

If restarting your phone doesn’t work for you, update your Gmail app. You need to search the Google Play Store app> Gmail and check for the latest updates. Sometimes an outdated version of Gmail can cause a number of stability or performance issues. If there is an update, just install it.

  • Open the Google Play Store app> click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner.
  • Go to My Apps and Games> Find out if there are any updates from Gmail here.
  • Click Update next to Gmail> It will install the update automatically.

After updating to the latest version, run the Gmail app and make sure the crash is resolved. Otherwise, you can follow the next method.

2. Clear Gmail’s cache and storage

The second thing you can do is clear the Gmail app’s cache and storage data from the configuration menu, and restore the app’s cache and storage if something goes wrong. Sometimes a corrupted app cache or data can cause such corruption. To do this:

  • Go to the Device Settings menu and click on Apps and Notifications.
  • Click the “View All Apps” option to view all apps installed on your device.
  • Then find Gmail from the list and select> Storage and Cache.
  • Click Clear Cache to delete cached data.
  • Now click on “Clear Storage”, select OK and delete the application storage data from the phone.
  • Go back to the app info page once and choose to force Gmail to stop.
  • If desired, confirm the process and reopen the Gmail application to check for problems.

If it asks you to sign in to your Google Account, do the same.

3. Uninstall the Gmail update

The recently installed Gmail app update may have some stability-related bugs or some bugs that could cause the app to crash. If you’re feeling the same way, be sure to follow the steps below to uninstall the Gmail app update.

  • Open the Settings menu on your Android phone.
  • Click on Apps and Notifications> View all apps and see all the apps installed on your device.
  • Find Gmail in the list and make sure you select it.
  • Go to the top right corner of the screen and click the three-dot icon menu.
  • Click the Uninstall Update option to return to the previous version of the program.

4. Exit the Gmail Beta app

Google usually runs a beta app for some apps, and Gmail offers some new features or enhancements before releasing it to the public stable version. People who sign up for the Gmail beta on the Play Store sometimes face some issues. So follow the steps below to exit the beta.

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone.
  • Search for Gmail, click on it and open the application installation page.
  • Scroll down the page and you’ll see the “You’re a beta tester” option.
  • Here you can click on ‘Leave’ to exit the beta test program.
  • If desired, confirm the process and install the latest stable version of Gmail from the Play Store.

This should completely fix the Gmail crash on your Android device.

5. Please delete your Google Account and sign in again

Sometimes, an application malfunction in a Gmail application can be caused by a Google account. It’s a good idea to delete the Google account you’ve signed in to on your device and sign in again to see if the problem persists. To do this:

  • Open the Settings menu on your Android phone.
  • Then select Account> Google from the list.
  • Select your Google Account from the list.
  • Click on Delete Account to confirm the process.
  • After doing so, be sure to restart your device by going to> Account Settings again and adding your existing
  • Google account again.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the account and click Add Account.
  • Finally, to log in, verify your device’s security pin/model and enter your Google account credentials.

6. Free up storage space on the device

If you do not know if there is enough space in the device storage, check it carefully. Sometimes, not having enough storage space on your phone can cause problems such as application crashes and slow performance. Keep in mind that storage should be at least 1 GB. To do this:

  • Check your phone’s storage directory by clicking Device Settings> Save.
    It takes up a lot of space to click on the internal storage directory and find what you don’t need.
  • Be sure to delete unnecessary files, non-essential applications or games, media files, WhatsApp conversation files, etc. to free up space.

You can also use Google Files on your Android device to clean up empty files, duplicate files, etc., which takes up a lot of space.

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