Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooting

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting Mod APK v57.6 (Unlimited Money)

Android Android 4.4 and upArcade
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App Name Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooting
Publisher OneSoft Global PTE LTD
Version 57.6 Build 2490
OS Required 4.4 and up
Genre Arcade
Size 191.96 MB
Release Date Jul 13, 2024
Mod Info Unlimited Money
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Mod Version 57.6 Build 2490
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooting is the most famous version in the Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooting series of publisher OneSoft Global PTE, LTD.
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  • Unlimited Money
[Note: To get a lot of crystals, exchange the Crystals for Coins even when not enough or quantity 0!]

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod APK you become a hero as you fend off alien spaceships trying to destroy Earth. The game will take players lost in an exciting space battle where players will experience controlling their spaceship to destroy the incoming enemy. You will be alone against a growing number of enemies, and their threat is even more terrifying. An exciting space war awaits you to explore. Let’s fight now.



As numerous spaceships appear in the Enemy Sky, you’ll use your nimble control techniques to move and hit the enemy. Players only need to touch the color of the device to control their warship to avoid enemy ships and their return fire. Identify targets to be bombed and destroy them before they reach you. Enter the battle to stop the plot of the bad guys.

You’ll have to move skillfully as the alien spaceships are always looking for ways to drop bombs or collide with you to destroy you. Both players aim to avoid the balls and destroy their enemies.

In addition, you can move your spaceship to an area with an item to improve or an enchanted weapon. Although the game is simple, it is not easy to win. Develop smart tactics and effectively dodge bullets and enemy ships to avoid being unfairly killed.


After each level, the player has to face more spaceships, your enemies become stronger and more dangerous. The number of alien spaceships is increasing, requiring players to be careful with their movements. In this space combat environment, unexpected enemies will always appear, and when you destroy the enemy, you will get loot along with them.

These gifts give players abilities such as increased barrel count, defensive shields, and healing. That’s why you need to kill a lot of bad guys to get valuable items. Appearing at the end of the level, the bosses, are the most fearsome opponents with fighting strength and longevity. You have to use a lot of skill to avoid boss sniping because many people died because of it.


Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has created many missions for players to conquer you. There are more than 160 levels with lots of exciting and intense gameplay. The most dangerous is the final boss, which the player must destroy to open up new battle spaces. Although defeating the boss at the end of the level is very difficult and stressful, the rewards you get if you win are also great.

Apart from the final boss fight, the game also creates many other challenges to keep the players interested. You will show your skillful dodging skills to pass the level. Aim your gun at the enemies to kill them quickly during the comet shower. Each time you complete a mission, people will receive rewards such as gold coins, combat weapons, guns, cannons, and armor.


Equip yourself with the tough combat skills you need to upgrade your spaceship’s firepower to take out the bad guys quickly, not just a page. Your weapon will hit your opponent after each upgrade. A certain amount of money is needed to upgrade weapons, use the money you collect to increase the damage of your weapons.

In addition, the latest and most advanced spacecraft can be upgraded. Each type of spaceship will have its own battle style, buy many new spaceships to be more fierce in battle. However, you need to be careful, if you want to stop fighting, you need to avoid colliding with enemy ships and not getting hit by bullets.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter offers online battle modes such as 1vs1 and 1vs3. You will be able to fight to compete with many other players in the world and get high-ranking titles.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter gives players a space shooting game with uncompromising combat. High-quality images lead players to very intense boss battles. An epic sniper shooting scene awaits you as you defeat an evil plot to invade the world. Climb aboard your battleship and win various battles. Compete your sniper skills to become the hero of the universe.



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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting Mod APK v57.6 (Unlimited Money)

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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting Mod APK v57.6 (Unlimited Money)

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