How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Smartphone

26 September 2021 (1 year ago)

Whether you’re worried about spyware or want to see your battery drain, it’s usually a good idea to check for hidden apps. Finding the most hidden apps on Android smartphones is not that difficult.

You can avoid a factory reset if you follow the methods described in this article. Although the memory usage may seem too high to manage, it may be advisable to reset the factory settings.


How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Smartphone

1. Use the configuration program

If you use the Settings app on your Android smartphone, you should be able to see all the apps installed.

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to “App”.
3. Select “All Applications”.

Note that the option to display all applications, including hidden applications, may be marked differently depending on the manufacturer or OS version.

As a note, you can use the Settings application to display system applications and system files. Click on the three-dot menu icon and select the “Show System Processes” option. It does not require root access on your phone.

2. Use the App Drawer

The app drawer lets you view all the apps installed on your Android device, including apps that aren’t on the home screen.

1. Launch the app drawer
2. Click on the three-dot icon (in the upper right corner of the screen)
3. Click “Hide application”.

A complete list of applications will now be displayed. If there is no “Hide App” option, it means that there is no hidden app on your Android smartphone.


You will find out later in this article as some hidden applications may be useful. However, some may steal personal information and files while using additional RAM and/or draining your battery.

If you find a hidden app on your phone and don’t recognize its icon, you can use the Google Play Store to learn more about the app. If you can’t find the app’s name or find its icon in the Google Play Store, here’s how to go to the app’s information page to learn more about it.

1. Press and hold the program icon until the menu appears
2. Click on the “i” icon
3. Click on “Details of the application in the store”.

This should lead you to the applicable product page. However, if the app is not available in the Google Play Store or the app developer has chosen to delete this information, this method may not work.


The most common reason people voluntarily install hidden applications is to monitor their children. Whether you suspect your child is doing something wrong or always want to know where they are, installing a covert tracking app will give you comfort.

However, you should know that today’s children follow technology faster than their parents. Therefore, it is likely that your hidden app will not last long on your child’s phone.

Another reason to install a hidden app is to use something like Vault (iPhone). These types of applications can add a more secure layer to your personal photos and videos by allowing them to create confusing folders, enter passwords, and so on.

How to tell if a hidden application is running on your Android device
So, now you know how to find hidden apps on your Android device. How do you know which of these hidden apps is running in the background?

The easiest way to check for hidden apps is to look at the phone’s memory usage. You can compare this number to your current RAM usage, as manufacturers list the RAM usage of your phone.

If you don’t usually run many third-party programs, the difference shouldn’t be that big. If so, it should give you something to think about. Another trick is to shut down the most used applications and then compare RAM usage with RAM usage in safe mode.

Safe mode disables all non-critical system applications and third-party applications, which will give you a good level of RAM usage.


It’s good to remember that some hidden apps aren’t good. Some are used for bad reasons, such as hidden communication software. They are often used by teenagers to chat with people online without a trace. You never know who will receive your child’s message, so it’s a good idea to search your phone frequently.


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