8 Esports Including PUBG Are Being Added To 2022 Asian Games

18 September 2021 (1 year ago)

Good news for PUBG players. In the 19th Asian Games, 8 Esports including PUBG are being connected, i.e. Asian countries will be able to win Gold Medal only by playing PUBG Mobile. The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) recently announced in a statement that six games are being added to the 19th Asian Games.


The games that are in the Asian Games

List of 8 e-sports games that will be in the Asian Games:

1. PUBG Mobile
2. Dota 2
3. Dream Three Kingdom 2
5. Hearthstone
6. League of Legends
7. Arena of Valor
8. Street Fighter V

Why is Esports being included in the Asian Games?

This is the first time in the history of the Asian Games that Esports has been linked to a medal event. Earlier, e-sports was piloted in the 2016 Asian Games in Indonesia. Esports is being added to the main episode this time due to its success.

Something to say about Esports

At a time when many countries are looking to take advantage of this opportunity to win gold medals in e-sports, the rest of the games, including PUBG and Freefire, are being banned in some countries.

The e-sports market is currently very active and its economic rate is increasing day by day. The idea is that e-sports will be the biggest economy in the future.

And in that future plan, studying e-sports has already started in different universities. If you search for Esports University on Google, you will see a list of these universities

In many countries, Esports has a lot of potential but disadvantage

This year A1esports played in the Global Championship from Bangladesh last year. Which can now be called the World Cup of PUBG Mobile.

In South Asia, Bangladesh is in a better but better position than Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. They have gone so far without any kind of support.

Now think about how well these children can do if Esports is supported and trained by a sports organization in Bangladesh!

This e-sports e but could be the place to win the biggest medal in Bangladesh.

Talk about kids

First of all, e-sports is not a child’s thing, if they play mobile games all day, it is their parents’ failure, they could not guide their children, they could not control. Therefore, there is no point in banning e-sports games.

If we have to do something, then our parents should teach Parenting on the Digital Way. How to control kids, how to keep up with mobiles for a certain period of time.

Moreover, now there are many parenting apps with which you can set a time limit in the game. You don’t have to use the app, you can control it manually if you want.

Ban is not the solution to anything! Now PUBG is banned in Bangladesh but now more data consumption is behind PUBG than before because everyone is playing using VPN. Even Livestream is doing it on other platforms including Facebook, YouTube. And due to the use of VPN more extra data is being consumed.


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