Top 5 Fighting Games for Android in 2022

4 October 2021 (1 year ago)

Fighting games have fallen behind the latest consoles (and it’s better to talk less about gaming venues), but for a long time, combat games have dominated the video game world. They were often battlefields where players showed off their skills in arcade competitions or surrounded by the TV with their best friends. Fortunately, this type is still very well represented on mobile devices and has a large number of ports and original titles that will satisfy fans of fisticuffs.

We hope to see many ports of classic battle rank, but enjoy these great fighters until then. When you’re done here, be sure to check out the list of the best Android games to see the other best games!

Best Fighting Games for Android in 2022

1. Brawlhalla


Brawhalla is a platform fighter similar to Super Smash Bros. The goal is to take your opponent off the stage by any means possible in a game with up to eight fighters. There are a lot of players, from simple games to ranked games. There are many game modes, tournaments, spectator options, and much more. In addition, there is full support for crossplay.

There are 50 characters in the process of writing, and eight free characters are played alternately each week. You can find gold to buy new products, or you can buy the All Legends Pack, which unlocks all current and future characters. The game has a constantly evolving and evolving community and is probably one of the best fighters in Android.

2. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is the latest entry in the Silk Fight series for Android and is a huge step forward in terms of quality. I say this because Shadow Fight 2 was so amazing.

The second game had a 2D art style that controlled a fighter in the shadows, while Shadow Fight 3 delivers an area with stunning 3D detail. Your fighters came out of the shadows, so they look amazing.

Shadow Fight had soft controls and animations like butter, and they come back here. Physics also has a special feature – a heavy attack made in time by the sword causes the enemy to drop their swords and make them fly. There is a full campaign to play, a large number of weapons, armor, and special attacks to unlock and adjust your combat. There aren’t many players here who play other people’s AI-controlled characters, but the focus is on showing great graphics and smooth gameplay.

Best of all, this game is free, but even with the game’s currency, you’ll still need to buy new weapons and other upgrades, and you’ll be able to make in-app purchases if you need coins to come in.

3. Final Fighter

Final Fighter

Final Fighter gives a strong atmosphere of an old-school martial arts game, which is a serious advantage for someone who grew up in Tekken. It’s easy to say that many of the game’s characters stand out from other franchises (Sergeant Kane is Jack-2 from Tekken, Kui is Street Fighter’s Sakura, etc.). Truth is part of the charm of the game.

This classic-style fighting game has excellent graphics and the movement of the characters supports them. The controls are intuitive, which means something for mobile fighters, and here a special range of common commands such as clutch, low, medium, high blows, and kicks is calculated. To execute commands, you have a virtual analog tree on the left that allows you to jump forward, backward, bend, and then a few virtual controls for heavy and light attacks on the right. You can tie it together and create a destructive combination.

This is an online game that requires a network connection, but you have several awesome modes to play, from classic arcade games to 1v1 online games to 3v3 team games! Final Fighter is free of ads and in-app purchases, so add it to your list if you’re going to fix your next fighting game.

4. The King of Fighters 97

The King of Fighters 97

Hardcore fans of martial arts already know the names of the king of fighters. It’s one of the most time-honored arcade combat games with Street Fighter. It’s a fairly complete game port from the Neo Geo home arcade console, and most importantly for a portable fighting game, it supports a Bluetooth controller.

You can choose from 34 characters from the first game and with the help of many local players you can form a dream team to fight an artificial intelligence opponent or a friend.

It’s very fine-tuned in terms of control, and the game is exactly what you want from a portable fighting game. I can’t recommend playing this game without a Bluetooth controller, but the touch controls on the screen are very difficult when fighting hard AI.

5. The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

The King of Fighters is one of the most popular fighting franchises since the early ’90s, powered by a new game that will be available in 2022. It really makes sense that such a multi-layered series will take time. The escalator, so the king of warriors ALLSTAR. Taken from the pages of the Gacha-hero Collector’s Book (or in this case the Fighter Collector), ALLSTAR is an arcade with a history mode that covers the history of KoF games from 94 to 98.

Like most gacha games, there is an option to switch the game mode to automatic mode, but for ALLSTAR, you can have a lot of fun playing it step by step in manual mode. This 2D side scroll has a certain visual depth, so you want to group as many enemies as you can before you start circling using a large brain combination.

The graphics are amazing, frankly. Everyone on this big list looks really awesome, especially on the menu and the screen you choose. It is clear that a lot of effort has been put into different environments in terms of stages and backgrounds.

Of course, there are a few disadvantages that go along with the gacha system. For some people, the game feels a bit too close to the payroll system, the lottery rate on the banner drops sharply, and some players report serious bugs and congestion. ALLSTAR’s Warrior King isn’t a perfect game, but one of the better fighting games has turned the mobile game upside down, and if you’re a big fighter, you might want to check it out.

Final Words

That’s it! We hope you enjoy the best fighting games for Android in 2021! Which of the list do you like best, and how many of these fighting games for Android do you already know or have played? Do you know of any other good fighting games that people find interesting and fun? Let us know in the comments section below and the guys will be happy to hear from you!


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